Frequently Asked Questions

Purchase & Tickets

  • Why do I need an account to buy a ticket?

    Having an account is crucial, when you purchase a ticket online we need to email these to you. If for some reason the event does not go ahead, we need to be able to get in contact.

  • How do I find the event?

    You will find all the events we have on the landing page when you visit our website.

  • What is a booking fee and why do I have to pay for it?

    The booking fee is what you pay to use our services and we do our best to keep this as low as possible.

  • What type of security does Just the Ticket provide?

    Just the Ticket uses industry standard 2048-bit Secure HTTPS/TLS to encrypt all transactions to be more secure and confidential. Your credit card details and all the information you enter on the various forms are automatically encrypted when your data is transferred over the network.

  • I have purchased tickets for myself and my mates. Can you email me them separately?

    No can do sorry! . Tickets are generated automatically and grouped by the account’s owner.

  • I have paid for my tickets but haven't received email confirmation, should I panic?

    Not at all, check your spam folder and if it is still not there you can log back into your Just the Ticket account to re-print your tickets.

  • I have lost my ticket…

    Get in touch and we will can deactivate the lost one and reissue you a new one.

  • Will I receive a hard copy ticket?

    No, you won't. All our tickets are electronic and will be emailed to you.

  • Can I get a refund?

    Just the Ticket is not responsible for any ticket refunds. The presenter will make the call on this one and you will need to contact them directly for any refund requests. Please refer to the Terms of Sale for further details.

  • I want to give my ticket to a friend, is that ok?

    Flick us an email and we can make a note, just make sure your mates aren't scamming you and you have the only copy of the ticket.

At the event

  • I didn't bring my ticket…

    If you have your confirmation email on a smartphone you will be fine. We can scan your ticket from your smartphone or look up your reference number, just make sure you bring photo ID.