@ Hollywood Cinema


Hollywood Cinema

20 St Georges Road, Avondale, Auckland

The Jean-Paul Sartre Experience will play a one off-show, Saturday 22nd April at the newly refurbished Hollywood Theatre in Avondale to commemorate their friend and band mate Jim Laing.

Along with special guests, Buzz Moller, Matthew Heine, Robert Key and Shayne P. Carter, members of JPSE and Lanky will play favourite tracks from their respective back catalogue.

With support from Motte, films & projections by Matthew Timpson, food by Langos and beer by Garage Project, this will be a night to remember.

On the 12th of April 2016 musician and songwriter Jim Laing died unexpectedly of natural causes. As a creative force Jim had left his mark firstly as a member of Christchurch Flying Nun band The Jean-Paul Sartre Experience and later as Lanky, one of the early acts to come out on Arch Hill Records.

Jim’s slinky guitar lines, skills as a songwriter and plain old good guy-ness endeared him to many. Robert Key and Jim’s firm friendship formed the basis of Lanky (Laing & Key – get it?) and provided the perfect vehicle for Jim’s songwriting right up to the day he died. UK based Fire Records had, only months before, released I Like Rain: The Story of the Jean Paul Sartre Experience – a complete collection of the JPS back catalogue. There had even been talk of writing some more songs together. But time passed. It didn’t quite happen, and then he was gone.

There’s a big gap left behind for many with Jim’s absence and, for a group of us who were lucky enough to have shared a stage with him in one or other of his musical endeavors, it feels right to perform a collection of his sly, sinuous, snaky pop songs.

So join the remaining members of The Jean Paul Sartre Experience and Lanky with guests Buzz Moller, Matthew Heine and Shayne P Carter - bring a smile, raise a glass and whistle into the void.

David Mulcahy – JPSE, Superette, Eskimo, The Sexy Animals, Mulchzoid Gary Sullivan – JPSE, Solid Gold Hell, Dimmer David Yetton – JPSE, The Stereo Bus Robert Key – Lanky, The Expendables, The Cake Kitchen Mathew Heine – Spud, Solid Gold Hell, JPSE Buzz Moller – Lanky, Voom Shayne P Carter – Double Happys, Straitjacket Fits, Dimmer

This event is sold out.