Sheba's Wunderkammer 5pm

@ Meow



9 Edward Street, Wellington


Berlin Cabaret 1919

Let Sheba submerge your senses in Berlin's decadent nights.

You would be hard-pressed to find anyone like her in the world - Under The Radar. 100 years ago, Berlin was at her height as a artistic and cultural utopia, full of delightful and subversive characters. Wunderkammer (cabinet of curiosities) is an immersive cabaret experience, where all the audience are given a role: transforming you into the doppelganger of a character from Berlin in 1919. You might be an artist, an intellectual or just a casual cross-dresser (prizes for best costumes.) Sheba Williams studied German Jazz and chocolate in Switzerland, before working in Berlin as a singer. Songs from Kurt Weil (The Threepenny Opera covered by David Bowie and The Doors), "Cabaret" the musical and saucy songs from Marlene Dietrich's songbook will feature, along with a sprinkling of Sheba's shenanigans - no one is safe. "She engages people of all ages and backgrounds, but most of all she is a lot of fun." - Art Not Apart Festival.

This event is sold out.