Womb and Strange Stains China Tour

@ Meow



9 Edward Street, Wellington


We are extremely excited to announce that this year we are taking our sound abroad to China! We are lucky enough to be bringing an amazing team of people with us, including the "Bogan Madonna of New Zealand", Strange Stains, and incredible artists Laura Duffy and Christopher Ulutupu. We couldn't be doing it without Kiwese who is arranging everything for us, booking 10 shows for us in the underground music scenes of China, as well as sorting out all the little things along the way like where to sleep and what to eat as we zigzag our way up the country.

This is a big team and a huge project! Join as at Meow on Friday, March 15th so we can celebrate and raise some funds to help get us to China β™₯ β™₯ β™₯

We have a very, very special line-up in store for you on the night....

Ana Te Kōtiro Strange Stains Womb crone with visuals by Laura Duffy

Doors from 9pm // $15 pre-sales and $20 on the door xxxx

Can't wait to see you there! 😍😍😍

Love from Womb

This event is sold out.