Lontalius Wellington

@ Caroline



1 Manners st, first floor
Wellington, New Zealand

"i’m excited to be playing in NZ again - for a number of reasons. mostly because I’ve never had a chance to give a real performance as Lontalius. The album release shows back in 2016 felt more like gallery openings - and if anyone saw me previously, we were probably just sitting on the floor of an empty bar stage playing casios. This time around I’ll be playing with a new band and plenty of new songs.

So much of the music i’ve written over the past few years has lead to me thinking about playing songs on stage. It’s not something i’d thought about before, but the feeling i had in my bedroom of just wanting to put a song on soundcloud is pretty similar to just wanting to get out and perform it.

Joining me on the tour will be October, who by all accounts should be the only name on anyones lips this year."

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