Souldrop + Wet Bandits

@ Meow



9 Edward Street, Wellington


Souldrop is the musical equivalent of that whacky green smoothie your nan makes- What’s it even made of? In Souldrop’s case the answer to that would be: surf rock, reggae, Latin, funk and Hip hop with a twist of psychedelic lemon, to name just a few ingredients.... This audiosmoothie is best experienced at a live show; but can be taste-tested here.

The Wet Bandits are extremely excited to change things up from their usual Saturday night activities (which will not be detailed here) and rock out at Meow for the first time. James Bandit in particular is looking forward to keeping his green fingers occupied with things other than stealing clippings of the city residents’ prized flowers which has become a worrying habit for him recently. We can neither confirm nor deny that he is the notorious rogue gardener that stole Jacinda Ardern’s rose bush last week. With that being said the Wet Bandits promise no good behaviour other than a bloody good time and we expect nothing less from you hustling hyenas. Check out the recent EPs and see you there xx.

Special guest Swingler plays gorgeous heartfelt acoustic ballads that you can get a little taste of here on his Soundcloud.

This event is sold out.