Birthday Burnouts

@ Caroline



1 Manners st, first floor
Wellington, New Zealand

MARLIN's DREAMING:::::::::::

You might know Marlin’s Dreaming through their frontman, Semisi Maiai, formerly the singer of GROMz. If King Krule, The Growlers and Allah-las degenerated into a filthy night of GroupSex, Marlin’s Dreaming might be what you’d find at the end. Melodic and rambunctious in equal measure, Marlin’s Dreaming will reek of burnt rubber by the end of the evening, living shocked onlookers positively Marlin’s Creaming. MUSIC COMING SOON!


Resident Wellingtinonians Grand Rapids, employ a juicy splattering of influences, including BJM, The Clean and Wilco, whilst still retaining their uniuque sound ====== Fronted by gr8 marns Harry and Andre, these guys are looking to be the No.1 contenders in this burnout battle.



Sporting a bright blue head of hair, Anna's beautiful voice will potentially be heard on the kapiti coast, or even perhaps Palmerston North. Constructed of mainly major 7's, Anna's music is hellishly jazzy, and not to mention, SNAZZY.

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