@ Caroline



1 Manners st, first floor
Wellington, New Zealand

Feat: Katie Mccarthy-Burke (Vocals), Ed Zuccollo (Trinity Roots), Joe Callwood (Little Bushman), Johnny Lawrence (Electric Wire Hustle), Darren Mathiassen (Shapeshifter)

Taking Guerilla D&B tactics into the Jungle.

Stretchfoot takes us on a journey deep into the soul of what is now a now 20-year phenomenon. During the recession of the early nineties, dance music producers dug out a six-second break from the drum solo of GC Coleman on 'Amen, Brother' by The Winstons. Extraordinary yet unruly, this organic, old-school beat injected energy into both dancefloor culture and dispirited communities with its fierce and provocative power. Now, as civilisation languishes once again under unsympathetic regimes, an urgency to unite, empower and edify existence is reawakening a rhythmic rebellion. However, this time a radical troop of musical guerrillas is commandeering the revolution. Stretchfoot is Katie Mccarthy-Burke (Vocals), Joe Callwood (guitar), Ed Zuccollo (keys), Johnny Lawrence (bass), and Darren Mathiassen (drums).

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